Pink Roses


Pink Roses

The pink rose is one of the impressive flowers around. Many people were introduced to horticulture and the world of flowers by a rose flower. Thus, it is one of the popular types of flowers. And due to its popularity, it became one of the widely accepted gifts for a romantic gesture. Be it a lover’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other loving celebration, the rose flower seems to be the perfect representation of emotions. However, is there more to the rose flower, especially its pink variant? We will answer this question in this article. 



Rose itself is a family of flowers with different sub-classifications and variants. These variants have different features and characteristics. For example, wild roses have five petals while the Modern Rose and Old Garden Rose have multiple sets of petals. 

Roses originated from different parts of the world. From Africa, Asia, Europe, and even North America, experts traced the cultivation of the first rose plant to about 5000 years ago in the Roman Empire. And from this pinnacle of European civilization, Rose flowers rose into prominence and also multiple uses as they came to be associated with love and romance, and many more. 

Symbolization and Meaning of the Pink Rose Flower

Because of the number of variants and varieties present under the Rose plant family, it is a bit difficult to find a perfect and general symbolization of the rose flower. Therefore, the symbolization depends on the colour of the rose flower you have. Thus, with the pink rose flower, you can communicate the following emotions and feelings, Femininity and Elegance.

Also, the interpretation of the pink rose flowers could a bit depend on the shade of the pink. For instance, the deep, hot pink rose could be a way of showing gratitude and appreciation to a friend. The light pink rose could be interpreted as ‘graceful’. So it is a perfect gift for a woman who just achieved an important milestone in her life. Also, it is perfect for making your intentions known to someone you like but don’t want to scare off. The light pink rose is a subtle way of saying “I see you and I feel you”. 

Caring for Pink Roses after Purchase from the Florist

One of the flowers that you would easily get from a florist is the pink rose. It is already popular and represents some of the most widely felt emotions around. What’s more, cut pink roses come in a plethora of nice fragrances and shades. After doing due diligence by getting your flowers from the best florist around, you need to do the following to ensure that you get the best from your pink roses:

  • Cut the stem again, this time at a 45-degree angle before putting the flower in a vase with water
  • You should also remove any foliage that would fall below water level before placing the flower in a vase full of water.
  • Keep the water in the vase clean and free from bacterial growth