Choosing the Right Vase for the Flowers


Choosing the Right Vase for the Flowers

As much as flowers are important and beautiful, we cannot enjoy them alone without the agency of another item. This item is the vase. The vase holds flowers bought from the florists, but more than that, vases add to the beauty supplied by the flowers. Adding a beautiful and suitable flower vase tends to compliment the flower’s beauty and elegance. In this guide, we will discuss the process of selecting the perfect vase for your flowers, as the perfect vase would not only hold your flower, it will also beautify your space. 



While there is no hard and fast rule to it, the best type of flower vase for most flowers should have an hourglass shape. The vase should be wide at the bottom, narrowed on the way up, at any point, and come up, slightly flared. You may want to avoid a wide-mouthed vase, as it usually requires a lot more flowers than necessary to fill it up. Also, they do not support flowers well.  


Ideally, you should use a colour that matches that of your flower. This will make the flower look more beautiful and add to the overall ambience of the room or space. For instance, using a pink vase for flowers with white or pink colours would look so impressive and beautiful. The pink vase can also work for flowers with other colours. However, if you are at loss on the colour of the vase to use, it is safe to go with a neutral-coloured vase. In this case, a transparent vase works perfectly fine. 


The size of the vase also matters in choosing the right vase for your flowers. As a rule, the length of the flower stem should not be more than 1.5 or 2 times the height of the vase. This means that if you are flowers with long stems, say about 20 inches or 51 centimetres, the vase you should get should be about 10 -13 inches high which also converts to 25-33 centimetres. 


This is the last factor to consider when selecting the perfect vase for the flower, but definitely, one of the most important. Make a plan for your finances before setting out to get a flower vase. This is because many florists have beautiful vases that you may be attracted to. However, having a budget makes the selection of the vase easier.  

As a side note, if you like roses and want to save money on buying lots of rose flowers, you should go for a red or pink vase. You can also get a transparent or glass vase and fill it with cranberries. Also, for people that love pink flowers such as pink carnations, chrysanthemums, and others, a white vase may do the trick and provide the needed ambience and beauty for your flower. 

Adhering to these factors and considering them while selecting vases for your flower will help you choose the best vase for your flowers.