Hydrangea Flowers


Hydrangea Flowers

This is another flower with a popular pink variant. However, for this flower, we will discuss the pinks and blues variants of the flower. Each of these flower variants has its specific symbolism and meanings.


Origin and Historical Relevance

The Hydrangea flower originated from Asia, Japan to be precise. It then made its way into Europe as time went on. There are about 75 different species of flower in the world. Despite its proliferation in different parts of the world, the flower has had different meanings throughout history. 

For instance, in Japan where it was first cultivated, the flower is a means of apologizing and saying “sorry” especially to a loved one. However, to the English people in the Victorian Era, hydrangea is not a good sign. It is used to rudely turn down unwanted love interests and also brag to one’s enemies. There was also the medieval belief at the time that women who pick up the flower would never get husbands to marry them. 


Symbolism and Meaning of Pinks and Blues Hydrangea Flowers

Understanding the symbolization of flowers is very important. Flowers are an important aspect of our lives. Many people attempt to express themselves or communicate emotions through the use of flowers. It then follows that for better understanding and avoidance of miscommunication, there is a need to understand what each flower stands for. 


The hydrangea flower has a plethora of meanings. These meanings include gratitude, abundance and also represent a deep understanding between two people or more. However, the flower is the official 4th wedding anniversary flower.


However, the pink and blue flower has a different meaning of their own. The pink hydrangea flower symbolizes feelings such as love, marriage, and romance. The flower variant is a welcome decoration at weddings and also gifts. What’s more, it is the official flower for the celebration of the 4th wedding anniversary.


The blue hydrangea flower on its end is used to represent a more negative emotion. First off, it can be used to show regret or remorse over an issue and used for seeking the forgiveness of an offended party. Also in the same vein, the flower variant can be used to turn down the love interest from an unwanted person. Thus, the blue hydrangea flower is usually not one that you would want to send to a loved person. 

The Hydrangea pink and blue flower holds different meanings and symbolization. 


Caring for Hydrangea Flowers from Florists

All things being equal, you would likely be looking for a pink hydrangea to gift someone soon. This means that you would be visiting florists soon. Therefore, you should make sure you keep certain points in mind when purchasing your pink hydrangea flowers. 


First off, you should look for flowers with closed buds. This ensures that when the flower eventually blooms in its glory, you would be right there to witness it. Secondly, when decorating your home with a pink hydrangea flower, ensure that the vase has enough water and is near the sunlight. These conditions are necessary for the safe blooming of the flower. 

Bellevue Roses

This flower is a special type of rose. This is because it exhibits a bicolouration that makes the petals have both pink and green colours. The flower is originally pink, but as it nears its edges, it fades into a green colour. The guard petals are also more green than pink on the outer side. This means that the flower has both pink and green colours. Because of this colouration, the Bellevue rose is one of the most sought-after flowers as the pinks and greens colouration makes it very beautiful, especially in a cut state. 


The size of this flower is usually small or in rare cases, medium-sized. This means that the flower is perfect for bouquets and minor interior decorations and designs. However, this small size also makes it a bit difficult to use the flower for wedding arches, large urn decorations, and flower walls, despite its beautiful pinks and greens colour. The Bellevue rose is readily available for purchase in cut sizes at many florists and shops around you. 


If you are planning on creating a pastel bouquet, the Bellevue rose may be a perfect addition. The reason for this is due to its lighter pinks and greens colouration. Apart from a bouquet of pastel flowers, the flower would also blend in perfectly for an autumn bloom, as its colour would match the theme of the bloom. 


The origin of the Bellevue rose is a bit hazy as there is not enough information about that. However, we know that the term “Bellevue” is a French word that means “Beautiful View”. The name suggests that the flower stems from France or at least was named in France or by a French. 

Either way, the name Bellevue seems to match perfectly. Also, the Bellevue flower seems to be rated to the “belle rose” another variant of rose flower that has pink and green petals or colouration. However, Belle Rose has a lighter shade of pink and green while also evoking a pleasant sight. Some wedding planners, florists, and horticulturists combine Bellevue rose and Belle rose in a bouquet and the result is nothing short of magical. 


The Bellevue rose, as with other types of rose flowers has its symbolism and meaning. Its significance is a bit complex, given the pinks and greens that characterize the flower. This is because the pink rose and green rose have different meanings and symbolization in the world of flowers. 

However, the Bellevue rose is said to depict femininity and female beauty. This meaning follows the general interpretation of the rose flower as a feminine flower.