Pink Carnation Flower


Pink Carnation Flower

Pink carnations are one of the popular types of flowers around. They are usually used in landscaping, corsages, home gardens and bouquets, and floral arrangements. It is one of the oldest flowers as it has existed for about 2000 years. 

With the scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus, the pink carnations are also referred to as clove pinks or grenadines. The flower was given the scientific name in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus, after popular botanist Theophrastus gave the flower the name Dianthus. A breakdown of the name, Dianthus, shows that it is made from two Greek words which are “Dios” and “Anthos” 

“Dios” refers to God or Divine and “Anthos” means flower. Therefore, pink carnations are also known as Flower of God, which in a way, relates to carnations. 


Meaning and Symbolization of Pink Carnations

One of the important points that one should bear in mind is the fact that carnations are not only pinks. Carnations as a flower come in many colours, and each colour denotes different meanings. However, the general symbol that carnations denote is motherhood and femininity. 

As for pink carnations, they represent mother’s love. This sort of love is unending and ever-present. The legend that confirmed this symbolism stems from the bible story that claimed that Virgin Mary shed tears when she saw Jesus carry his cross to the hill. A pink carnation flower was said to have grown on the spot where these tears fell. 

Therefore, pinks carnations remain the ideal flower to present to a mother on Mother’s Day. It can also be used to show appreciation or gratitude to the women in your life. 

 Variations of Pink Carnations Flower

There are various types of pink carnation flowers available. They include the Grenadin Pink which is a member of the Grenadin Series. There is also the Chomley Farran variant of Pink carnation and the Peach Delight cultivar.

Buying Pink Carnations at a Florist Shop       

You should know that pink carnations are sensitive to ethylene. This chemical compound triggers the senescence of the carnation’s pinks flower petals. It also makes the flower deteriorate very fast, upon exposure. Therefore, when buying pink carnations as a cut flower, ensure that the one you pick is treated with an anti-ethylene product.

You may also want to check the storage condition of the pink carnations you are buying. This is because storing pink carnations improperly or for too long may adversely affect the opening of the flower buds.

Lastly, opt for half-open flowers if you are looking to get fresh pink carnations. These types of flowers will open a day or two later, while in the water and will be well-positioned for blooming.

Tips for Maintaining Pink Carnations

One of the pleasing features of pink carnations is that they live long, for up to 2 weeks, after harvesting. However, it is contingent on proper maintenance which can be carried by:

  • Using a clean vase and water for pink carnation cut flowers
  • Keeping the flowers away from direct sunlight and heat
  • Removing the leaves below water level and shortening the length of the stem
  • Exercising patience when handling the flower heads