Dianthus Pinks


Dianthus Pinks

Dianthus Pinks is one of the popular pinky flowers in the world. In the United States, the flower is fondly used as a cottage/garden flower. The dianthus pinks flower belongs to the same family as the Pink Carnation flowers, as they share the same Caryophyllaceae family. 

This family of flowers happens to hold lots of beautiful pink flowers that number up to about 300 species. Most of the flowers in this family are perennial and biannual. You would rarely find annual flowers in the family. 

One of the features of the Dianthus Pink is its narrow and linear foliage. This foliage also comes with a near green colouration that appears on opposite sides of the stem. As a result of the presence of this stem, this plant is usually used to border the garden or cottage. 

Dianthus pink has five petals with edges that look frilled or zigzag. These petals usually exhibit a spectrum of colours, but the most popular tone is the light pink hue. Some of the flowers also have a two-colour tone that makes the flower look even more beautiful. 


Symbolism and Significance of the Dianthus Pink

Apart from its relation to the Pink Carnation which has the nickname, Flower of God, Dianthus Pink also have different meaning and interpretation among flower lovers. For instance, the flower can be used to communicate emotions such as passion, gratitude, admiration, love, capriciousness, and affection. 

This means that the flower can be gifted to anyone regardless of their gender. As long as you feel any of these emotions towards another person, you are allowed to offer the flower to communicate these feelings and emotions. However, it is informal to use a potted flowering plant and while presenting the flower in a formal capacity, it pays to use an arranged floral bouquet. 

Caring for Dianthus Pink

First off, if you intend to get a dianthus pink flower from a florist’s shop, you should ensure that the flower is in optimal condition when you purchase it. You need to ensure that the flower has been stored properly or has not been stored for a long time because both of these features affect the opening of the flower’s buds. 

Also, as with its familial counterpart, the pink carnations, the dianthus pinks are sensitive to ethylene. This chemical compound makes the flower deteriorate fast and also causes the senescence of the flower’s petals. Therefore, you need to ensure that the florist provides an anti-ethylene product for protecting the flower when you buy them. 

Now to care for dianthus pink, you need to do the following:

Ensure that the flower gets enough sunlight. The plant needs about six hours of sunlight per day, but a partially shaded area will also work perfectly. 

You can remove the old bloom of the pink dianthus flower. It allows the flower to rebloom. However, you need to ensure that the dianthus pink is either biannual or perennial type.