Pink Peony Flowers


Pink Peony Flowers

Pink Peonies are lovable flowers. The reason for loving these flowers are numerous. They are elegant, come with exciting fragrances, are beautiful, and are also very colourful. For a long time, florists, wedding planners and decorators, and horticulturists have had a soft spot for the pink peony flowers, and the reasons responsible for this are not farfetched. In this guide to pink peony flowers, we will discuss the nature of pink peony flowers, their symbolism, and their interpretation. 



The pink peony flower is from a group of flowers known as Paenoia. This group has about 40 different species of flowers. These different species also possess some of the features known with the pink peony, such as attractive fragrance, fragile structure for the petal, and a wide spectrum of colourful hues. Apart from the pink peony, you can find flowers in this group with other colours such as white, red, purple, and even yellow. 

Significance and Symbolism

The peony flowers are one of the most significant flowers in the world. Its use and interpretation spread across multiple cultures and origins. It is also used to communicate different feelings and emotions. 

To start with, peonies can be used to symbolize love, happiness, good luck, romantic compassion, and prosperity. It is also used to signify a happy marriage and it is referred to as the Queen of Flowers in China. It is also the official flower of the State of Indiana. 

However, the pink peony flower has its specific symbolizations and meanings. For instance, pink peonies are the official 12th wedding anniversary celebration flower. Therefore, if you know any couple that is celebrating their 12th year of being together, the pink peony flow might be the perfect gift to give them. The reason for the selection of pink peonies as the official 12th wedding anniversary flower is because it denotes happy marriage, good fortune, and honour. 

Varieties of the Pink Peony Flowers

There are many variants and varieties of the pink peony flower. These variants include Angel Cheek Peonies, Fairy Petticoat Peonies, Big Ben Peonies, Blaze Peonies, Myrtle Gentry Peonies, Do Tell Peonies, Gay Paree Peonies, and Bowl of Beauty Peonies. 

While all of these peonies are beautiful, the best variety to select for gifting people is the Birthday Peonies. It has large single flowers with the dual coloration of pale pink petal and yellow center. 

Buying Pink Peonies from a Florist

Having understood the importance and significance of pink peonies, we assume that you are about to go get some. However, while you are at it, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Some of these things include 

  • Ensure you get the pink peonies in their bud form. At this point, there are still fresh and you stand a chance of relishing their blooming process. Buying old pink peonies, i.e. those already in full bloom, means that they won’t last long. 

Check the flowers for good health, and the best way to do this is by examining the leaves and stems for any discolouration and blemishes. Fungal and bacterial infections are rampant among peonies, with the former affecting leaves while the latter affecting stems