Pink lilies flowers


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Pink lilies are one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. The flower also has a lot of significance, especially with women and female health. You will learn all about it in this guide.


Origin and Historical Relevance

According to Daily Beast, Pink Lilies are one of the bestselling flowers of all time. However, not every flower with ‘lily’ in its name is a real lily flower. The real lilies belong to a family of plants known as Lilium. So, any flower that doesn’t have the name ‘Lilium” in its scientific name is not a real lily flower. 

Pink Lilies have been around for a while, and as a result, have a sizable amount of history attached to them. According to Greek mythology, the lily flower was said to have bloomed from the bosom of goddess Hera, the wife of the chief god Zeus. This is what lilies are symbols of motherhood, purity, and other feminine emotions. This is also the reason why young brides wore a crown made from lilies back then. 

However, in the Victorian Era, it was a different ball game in itself. Lilies were a symbol of royalty in this era. It was said to have been the inspiration behind the historic fleur de lis. As a result, it was also an item of adornment for women at that point. 


The pink lilies flower is very significant. It has more layers of meaning than lilies of other colours. First off, pink lilies are a symbol of motherhood. Therefore, they are perfect gifts to women who recently gave birth or those with little children.

Another important significance of the pink lily flowers is their association with the commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in many countries of the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States. In the same vein, pink lilies have been chosen as the official flower to help celebrate this awareness.

Therefore, you can gift pink lilies to friends or family members battling breast cancer. You can also gift it to a local volunteer group involved with the awareness of breast cancer. 

Buying Pink Lilies from a Florist

When you opt to purchase a pink lily flower from a florist, you would most likely get the ones with closed buds. This is very important, especially if you intend to watch the flower bloom in your presence.

Also, pink lilies sold with closed buds tend to have a longer life. However, if you don’t want to watch the flowers bloom and you got pink lilies with closed buds, you can do this. Get a knife and cut the stem of your flowers at a slanting angle, measuring about half an inch. Then place the flowers in a vase filled with water, lukewarm water to be precise. The water puts pressure on the flowers to open up as soon as possible.