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Pink is a beautiful and affectionate colour. We attach a lot of blissful and loving sentiments to the colour. Things like weddings, blushes, summer wines, and most importantly flowers. These affectionate associations also extend to flowers. From the full-bodied peony to the wild rose, pink flowers have an emotional interpretation and association.

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As a result, pink flowers have been used to denote emotions such as friendship, love, congratulations, and gratitude. However, it may surprise people to learn that the pink flower has a lot of history that precedes its use. On that note, you are welcome to Pinks by Post, the home of pink flowers.

On this website, you will learn all you need to know about the different types of pink flowers and their different uses. While this page is only an introductory one, it seeks to offer a general insight into pink flowers and discuss the general history of pink flowers and how these types of flowers have evolved over the years.

Symbolism and Meaning of Pink Flowers

First off, the symbol attached to the different types of pinks is related to love or affection. This means that any emotion-related these two can be shown or expressed using pink flowers. This versatility is the edge that pink flowers have over red flowers.

Red flowers are restricted to showing romantic emotional while pink flowers can be used to show a myriad of emotions ranging from gratitude to marital connection as well as platonic friendship. What’s more, pink flowers are non-gendered, which means that you can send them to men and women alike, as well as anyone else.  

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Historical Significance of Pink Flowers

To have a resounding understanding of pink flowers and their use in our society today, it is important to examine their historical importance. However, there is also a need to discuss the evolution of the colour pink before delving into the historical relevance of pink-coloured flowers.

The colour pink was not classified as a colour until the 17th century. However, since its recognition, its definition and interpretation have constantly evolved in literature, art, science, and even culture.

The acceptance and popularity of the colour pink in Europe were due to the efforts of Madame de Pompadour, who wore dresses made with pink materials and used pink-coloured dishes. It is important to mention that at that point, the colour pink was not used to denote femininity, but rather luxury.

As surprising as this may sound, the colour pink didn’t get associated with femininity until the middle of the 19th century. Around the 18th century, the colour pink was a genderless colour and was even common among men. This was because the red colour was a masculine colour due to its association with warfare, and pink was considered one of the hues of red.

Relevance of Pink Flowers in History

The colour that a particular flower takes is determined by its DNA which in turn is determined through natural selection. Traits that are naturally selected are those that have performed well over a long period. The fact that we have tens of thousands of pink-coloured flowers species, speaks to the fact that pink-coloured flowers were cherished and well used by people in ancient times.

Evidence that pink flowers were popular and well used in history resides in one of the works of Homer, The Odyssey, in which the term rose fingered dawn which referred to pink, was used about 24 times. Also, the myth of Rhodanthe discusses the story of a goddess that was turned into a pink rose.

Also in the Victorian Times, the use of pink flowers was very popular. This was because this era witness the perfection of flower languages, so flowers were used to communicate feelings that couldn’t be written or said. For instance, the pink rose at the time was used to communicate gratitude. Pink Peonies meant prosperity while pink carnations referred to devotion and loyalty.

Significance of Pink Flowers Today

Having gone down memory lane, trying to understand the evolution of pink flowers, let us discuss the relevance of pinky flowers in our society today. As mentioned earlier, pinky flowers help denote a wide spectrum of affectionate feelings. These feelings may be related to romantic love, friendship, or relationship between family members. It could also denote spontaneity, thoughtfulness, and playfulness.

Also, there are traditional denotations of pink flowers which include sensitivity and innocence. This may be a result of pinks association with blushes and youthfulness. It could also be because the colour pink is easy on the face.

Pink flowers are also useful and important in the LGBTQIA+ movement. The use of the colour pink in the movement stems from its origin in Nazi concentration camps. A pink triangle was used to indicate the sexual preferences of prisoners held in cells. After World War 2, this fact came to light and queer rights activists decided to adopt the colour and change it from a sign of shame to one of pride.

Ever since today, the colour pink and flowers coloured pink are also used to symbolize the struggle for LGBTQIA+ rights in different parts of the world.


Most Suitable Occasions where you can Gift Pink Flowers

You can gift people pink flowers during any of these occasions or celebrations:
• Baby Showers
• Mother’s Day
• Dances
• Bridal Showers
• Wedding Anniversaries
• Condolences
• Appreciation Gifts
• Congratulatory Gifts
• Weddings
• Birthdays
• Housewarming Gifts
• Engagement Parties
Delivering pink flowers to any of these occasions can be done through a floral bouquet or a potted flowering plant. However, you should know that potted flowering plants look informal and less romantic. Therefore, depending on the occasion and the person you intend to gift the pinky flowers to, you can go either option.
Note: if you intend to make a big statement with the pink flowers, it pays to go with the floral bouquet or arrangement.
Types of Pink Flowers
While there are about a thousand pink flowers species, there are some popular species that you will find at florist shops around. We will discuss many of these species on this website.

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