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About Me

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Pink is a beautiful and affectionate colour. We attach a lot of blissful and loving sentiments to the colour. Things like weddings, blushes, summer wines, and most importantly flowers. These affectionate associations also extend to flowers. From the full-bodied peony to the wild rose, pink flowers have an emotional interpretation and association.

- Pinks By Post -

As a result, pink flowers have been used to denote emotions such as friendship, love, congratulations, and gratitude. However, it may surprise people to learn that the pink flower has a lot of history that precedes its use. On that note, you are welcome to Pinks by Post, the home of pink flowers.

On this website, you will learn all you need to know about the different types of pink flowers and their different uses. While this page is only an introductory one, it seeks to offer a general insight into pink flowers and discuss the general history of pink flowers and how these types of flowers have evolved over the years.